The banking sector

Royal Bank of Canada

The banker’s role has changed

The traditional activities of managing deposits and cash are now being performed by machines, which allows bankers to devote more time to their customers and less time to tasks that provide little added value.

A sector in flux

Banks are undergoing local re-organization, branches are closing and staff numbers are being reduced.

This calls for a change in the way employees do their jobs, the ability to work at several different locations and a progression toward digitalization in order to respond to these new realities.

Respect for the fundamentals

Despite this changing context, it is absolutely imperative that we maintain a high level of security and the ability to transparently manage access rights.

Every day...

You encounter real questions:

How do we manage access rights in a more flexible way?

How do we harmonize our fleet to be more efficient?

How do we improve the traceability of actions to arm ourselves against malicious intent?

How do we improve the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and BRP (Business Recovery Plan) to react quickly in the event of a crisis?

New technologies provide alternative and adaptable solutions.
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