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Any facility can fall victim to unforeseen events.

How do you handle critical situations?

When a crisis or incident occurs, it is essential to respond quickly, to stay on course and limit the consequences. The survival of your business depends on it.

How do we improve responsiveness?

Business Continuity Plan = Anticipate fallback solutions in the event of a crisis.


Business Recovery Plan = Anticipate conditions for recovery following a crisis.

Social movements, sabotage, technical defect, terrorism, epidemic, force majeure, internal or external attack, fraud, etc.
Damage to your company's reputation in the media, loss of revenue, security vulnerability, long and costly legal proceedings, etc.

Strong authentication by cryptographic algorithm

Digitization of physical keys

A reliable method, already used in many fields.

What is an algorithm?

A finite and unambiguous series of operations or instructions used to solve a problem or obtain a result.

A solution to improve your responsiveness

This new technology provides strong authentication for safes or for sensitive site access. Our high-performance management tool allows you to guide certified personnel in opening safes or rooms, through transmission of a one-time code key. Confirmation can be required once an operation is complete, thus interlocking the security devices and turning them into connected objects.

Two interdependent elements

code generator

The software that encrypts the data according to the algorithm.

smart lock

The unit capable of decrypting the data using the same algorithm.

No hard-wired links.
The system can only be operated through interaction of the code generator, actor and lock.
1. Code generator

Reliable, effective and adaptable management tool.

Light client (100% web), with secured access + Plug-and-Play solution.

Installation in a stable IT environment to ensure the highest level of availability possible.

2. Smart lock

When synchronized with the generator, the lock becomes a connected object.

Retrofit and compliant with international standards.

Approved by VdS or A2P laboratories and designed to equip Class 0 to XIII safes without additional locking.

Focus on...
Management tool

Performance and flexibility

The management tool connected to the code generator lets us build a custom security strategy, adapted to your real needs. You can therefore determine when and how your users are authorized to receive the code, implement constraints, generate reports or even define the time period for which the history will be saved.

High availability

This management tool can be installed in an IT environment that meets a very high standard of redundancy to ensure the greatest level of tool availability.

Adaptability and control

Given its modular structure, this tool can be adjusted to your needs, even if they change over time. You are always in control of your facilities.

Multiple services

Light Client, SMS, Mobile App, SVI Interface, Outlook, etc. We offer a wide range of services, which increases the availability rate and fallback possibilities in case of emergency.

Controlling requests

Define time slots, interlock doors, automate actions, use GPS location, etc.

Managing constraints

Define alerts according to your specific needs.

Data processing

All data is stored so you can generate manual or automatic reports and interface your data with other databases.


Define the duration of your event history in compliance with GDPR rules.

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