"We do not sell products, we build projects."
Michaël Houle, CEO
Sigle Technofort

Our approach

To meet the wide range of needs that make up the high security safe market, we built our business around two complementary services:


In order to meet your safe or vault repair and restoration needs, we distribute parts of all brands, as well as the key blanks and components necessary to build and maintain safes (locks, mechanisms, handles, pivots, etc.).

Project management

We guide strategy and security decision-making bodies in identifying the technologies that will increase their level of security. But more importantly, we help them establish an approach for managing change or crisis with new technologies, in order to improve their business continuity and business recovery plans.

We deliver processes with ever-increasing flexibility and security.

Our process

We listen to your needs

At Technofort, we take the time to get to know you, to identify your expectations and what is at stake for your business so we can find a way forward together.

We create a project that meets your demands

We provide the solution and the technology that are best suited to the technical and financial reality of your situation. The requirements identified in the specification should be easy to implement.

We train your teams

We provide training for your users and integrators to ensure the equipment selected is exploited to its fullest potential.

Our collaborators ensure production and logistics

This enables us to guarantee compliance with your processes, by both the integrator teams and users.

We help you transition

Today’s needs may change tomorrow. With upgradeable, flexible solutions, we can accompany you over the long-term and continuously adapt your equipment to match your strategy.

Our commitments

Concern for the environment

Our teams are environmentally conscious: we encourage emails for communication, ecological postal methods, batch shipments, limited printouts, double-sided black and white settings are automatic on all our printers, recycling and reuse of shipping boxes.

We use reliable, sturdy and upgradeable products whenever possible to avoid planned obsolescence, and we always prefer solutions that operate without batteries.

Wellbeing at work

We ascribe to a philosophy of understanding and tolerance, opposing all discriminatory practices and favoring education over repression. The wellbeing and cohesion of our teams is a priority and we are committed to providing employees with a pleasant and positive atmosphere at work.

Health is of the utmost importance and we institute all necessary hygiene and safety measures for our employees. Our organization allows team members to work from home whenever possible, encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Discretion and confidentiality

We educate our teams on compliance with the GDPR.

We make sure our employees apply best practices when it comes to questions of ethics and integrity or fighting corruption.

Our story

A demanding and passionate founder

TECHNOFORT’s story begins with its founder, Michaël Houle. He is proud of his Quebecois roots, and they don’t go unnoticed. His career path is quite unique for the security field. It all started in Quebec in 1999, and brought him to France early in 2009. He is passionate about locks and new technologies for safes. This company is the result of his personal investment and his commitment to professional practices.

A need for renewal

TECHNOFORT was created in January 2013 by Michaël Houle, with the goal of providing a serious alternative to the traditional lock and safe distributors out there. But to break your way into a market, you have to innovate. Our founder is a major proponent of new technologies and a more human-centered approach to project management. These points of focus are what makes Technofort stand out from the competition.

In 2019, we moved into new offices in Montreuil, just outside of Paris. This change has given us a boost and we have redefined our goals to develop and grow with a team that is progressively expanding.

Some of our successes

National project
Supply and production of locks for bank safes.

In 2015, with the French postal service and bank, La Poste, we launched a nationwide project: supply and produce locks for the safes of La Poste branches in mainland France and in the Overseas territories. This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our logistical capabilities while training teams in the field, across mainland France.

National project
Deployment of a solution using strong authentication by algorithm.

In 2017, a long collaboration resulted in the young startup implementing a new nationwide project for French bank, LCL. Our project approach and an appealing offer, including new technology using strong authentication by cryptographic algorithm, convinced this major client to work with us. TECHNOFORT once again demonstrated its production and logistical capabilities in project management.

"We were able to work with these major clients thanks to our project approach and the high quality of the solutions we proposed."

Michaël Houle, CEO

You have security needs, we have the solution!