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Our team of experts in new safe and lock technologies can work with you to create modern, relevant strategies to handle your security needs.

Our mission
Modern and flexible access management
Oculus, World Trade Center Station, New York

New habits mean new ways of managing security.

Access management is becoming more complex and it is increasingly difficult to administrate the security of facilities. The current digital and technological revolution has made it possible to leave this cumbersome system behind and implement simple, effective new processes. With years of experience managing large-scale security projects, we have perfected the use of several innovative solutions that simplify business for our customers on a daily basis and guarantee a maximum level of security.

About Technofort

Working with you to build the future of physical security.

Founded in 2013, Technofort is an innovative company specialized in new safe and lock technologies. Originally focused solely on the distribution sector, our business has expanded over the years to now include management of major security projects throughout France.

You have security needs, we have the solution!